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IFS Black Male Scholarship

Black men make up a small percentage of individuals in the helping professions and have an even smaller representation in the IFS Community. Given the partnership between IFS and Black Therapists Rock, we are aligned by our committed to diversity and healing Legacy Burdens. In this 2nd Annual co-hosted Black Therapists Rock Level 1 IFS Training, we are hoping to elevated the voices and perspectives of Black men. Our goal is to begin exploring the unique barriers to wholeness and Self, to truly embody the sentiment that "All parts are welcome". 5 scholarships will be awarded to Black men who are committed to being advocates of self leadership, both in their personal and professional lives. The scholarship deadline is July 3rd.

Did you complete the required Intro to IFS Webinar? If so what date did you return/submit your feedback form?

I understand that it is critical that I attend all online sessions scheduled for this program. Below are the projected dates for the Co-hosted BTR Level 1 training:  Sept. 16-18, 2020Oct. 21 -23, 2020 Dec. 2-4, 2020 Jan 27-29, 2021 Mar 3-5, 2021 Apr 7-9, 2021  

I understand that upon payment for the scholarship application processing fee, it is non refundable

I understand that it is my responsibility to verify all requirements to become a certified IFS therapist, according to the guidelines of the IFS Institute.

I understand that I am eligible to receive up to 108 CEUs at the completion of this training. I also understand that there may be an additional fee of $80 per the regulation of the IFS Institute. 

Given the BTR Core Value of Village Mentality, I understand that I will be assigned an accountability partner for additional support. For compatibility purposes, assignments will be made based on my top three Enneagram numbers. Please provide your Enneagram numbers below in order from most dominant to least dominant. If you have not previously taken this test, it can be completed for free at this link:

I understand that I will need to record a 2-3 minute video describing why I want to be considered for this scholarship. The video can be taking on your phone or other electronic device. This MUST be sent via email to This video MUST be received by midnight on July 3rd, 2020. I also acknowledge that it is my responsibility to confirm receipt of my email/video submission.


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