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Dr. Schwartz

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2021 Heirloom Summit - Transforming Legacy Burdens to Legacy Gifts

Unpacking the long standing emotional wounds of Racial Trauma & White Supremacy Culture. Join Dick Schwartz and Deran Young, alongside other expert speakers such as Resmaa Menakem (NYT Best Selling Author of My Grandmother's Hands), Chris Burris (Senior Lead IFS Trainer) and Dr. Dr. Velma Love (Ancestral Linage Healing Practitioner and author of Divining the Self: a Study in Yoruba Myth and Human Consciousness). "Legacy Burdens are negative beliefs, memories, emotions, and energies passed down through the family line and other groups..." Ann Sinko, LMFT, IFS Lead Trainer The Heirloom Summit is a co-created event hosted by Dick Schwartz, Founder of IFS & Deran Young, Founder of Black Therapists Rock. Intentionally taking place during Black History Month, we are offering this collective healing journey as a powerful opportunity to explore the legacy burdens of Systemic Oppression, Racism and Anti-blackness in America. Using the Internal Family Systems model as our primary framework, together we will explore the witnessing and unburdening process to work towards increased Self energy and to begin repairing the personal impact of our traumatic history as a nation. This 3 day virtual event will include a featured LIVE IFS Session with Deran Young as the Guide & Dick Schwartz as the "client". All times are EST. There will be a recording available approx 5-10 days after the event but it will only cover main event presentations. For legal purposes the recording will not include content from the breakout speakers


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Schedule of Events: Friday, February 26, 2021- 10AM Opening Workshop with Dick & Deran 12:15 Self Led Activism meets Somatic Abolitionism (Featured discussion with Deran, Dick & Resmaa Menakem) 1-2pm LUNCH 2-3:30 Breakout Sessions a)Working Twice As Hard to Get Half As Far b)Embodied Antiracism c)Mindfulness- A Path Towards Anti-Racism 3:30 to 4pm Small Group Shares 4pm-5pm Closing with Dick & Deran Saturday Feb 27, 2021 10AM Opening Workshop 10:45-11:45 Breakout Sessions a)Race & Relationships b)Ancestral Linage Healing c)Decentering Whiteness by learning into discomfort (aka "white guilt/shame/fragility) 12 to 12:30 Reflection Groups 12:30-1pm Midway Q&A 1-2 LUNCH 2-3:15 Legacy Burdens Demo with Dick & Deran 3:15-4:15 Large Group Post Demo Reflections 4:15pm-5pm Closing with Dick & Deran Sunday Feb 28th, 2021 10 AM Opening Meditation/Mindfulness Activity 10:45-11:45 Break Out Sessions 12pm Experiential Exercise with Dick 1-2pm LUNCH 2-2:30 Reflection Groups 2:30-4pm Final Q&A / Closing

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