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The mission of Black Therapists Rock is:
Reversing Racial Trauma through Collective Healing 

We do this by healing the healers!

Our vision is to foster self compassion, confidence, and inner peace for 100,000 black healers

Tragedies such as the murders of Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Philando Castile, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd have become more visible, and the implications for vicarious collective trauma and long-term mental health effects for marginalized people, has become more evident. Black Therapists Rock was established to provide culturally relevant mental health awareness for collective healing that addresses and resolves the lifelong impact of racial trauma.

Within the last 12 years research has just started to acknowledge a link between racism and psychological distress. Nationally representative polls and surveys have indicated that approx 87% of Black Americans "characterize racism as a very serious or serious problem". Additionally, the PTSD prevalence rate in our community is 40% higher than whites and Hispanics. Despite the unique stressors and higher rates of trauma, Black people seek treatment at significantly lower rates, often due to lack of trust in white professionals and Eurocentric therapeutic styles.

book cover reads black therapists rock a glimpse through the eyes of experts compiled by deran young, lcsw forward by lisa savage phillps, lcsw

black therapists rock. the black community is often thought of as an ongoing saga of reliance, incredible strength, and preseverance, in spite of a brutally harsh past. however, the obvious connection between mental health and racial oppression, health dis parities, cultural differences, societal factors, poverty, and reduced quality of life, often goes unspoken. thousands of black people are suffering in the shadows while making every attempt to be seen. although there is no single narrative, mental health and psychosocial wellness underpin many of the challenges experienced by black people. black therapists rock has become a movement that is passionate about loudly speaking our varied truths to begin the healing of emotional wounds that are multiple generations deep. although we may not be the cause of this deep-seated pain, it is ours to bear and soothe. the professional perspectives shared in this book strive to inspire hope, beyond the divorce courts, housing developments, emergency rooms, domestic violence shelters, broken homes, jails/prisons, homeless centers, welfare offices, or foster care systems. none of us are immune. statistically, we all have at least one relative that has experienced one or more of these situations. and now, with our #villagementality, we can offer an honest and true source of healing; with compassion, forgiveness and genuine connection for ourselves and others.