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Catrece Davis, LCSW

Catrece Davis, LCSW

Catrece Davis Licensed Clinical Social Worker, mentor, speaker and author.  I am licensed in the State of Arkansas where I provide mental health services to children, teens, young adults, and their families.  I am a school-based therapist currently working with teens. I am passionate about children and desire for them to flourish beyond their pain and WIN. 

My childhood experiences caused me to develop a heightened level of empathy for others. I always wanted to help people, and that desire to help people led me into the field of Social Work.  I earned my Bachelors of Social Work degree in 2005 and then furthered my education and earned my Masters of Social Work degree in 2012.

Working with teens daily and witnessing the problems that they are faced with caused a burning desire to be authentic and share my story about my own adverse childhood experiences and the impacts it had on me as a teen and young adult.  Through reading this chapter I hope to uplift and empower others to remove the barriers created to survive in order to live!

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