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Renetta D. Weaver, LCSW-C

Renetta d. weaverAs a survivor of child sexual abuse, Renetta lived in a mental fog of depression and was angry. For most of her teen and adult life, she struggled with slow suicide by escaping through emotional eating which ultimately turned into food addiction. In her despair of carrying the emotional and physical weight that was rooted in guilt and shame, Renetta believed that their was no escape from the cycle of relationship trauma and drama that she experienced.

Earning her Master’s Degree in Social Work was a journey of learning and personal healing. Renetta is now a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Master Addictions Counselor and the Clinical Director of a Co-occuring Addictions Program with the Military. Through her work of providing therapy to individuals, families and groups Renetta has been able to turn her pain into purpose and by reading her story you will be empowered to-do the same.

Renetta would be honored to connect with you or your group about self-care, overcoming emotional eating and food addiction. For more information please explore her website at and join her Facebook Community “What’s Eating You???”

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